NSG004: Pico Jr. Jr. 0.6

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An experimental form of game - a 1D rhythm-based shoot 'em up.

Danny did all the programming.

read this
Moving/shooting left and right only, Pico Jr. Jr. can shoot bullets out the air. When you click to fire, your firing will be delayed until the next beat - thus the bullets are fired simultaneously, thus you get funky abilities.

Arrows appear to warn of bullets about to be fired or certain danger from above. Firing in the direction the bullets are coming from will blast the bullets out the air. You can also protect yourself with the body shields, which protect in the direction opposite to your movement.

52 years after the events in 'Pico vs Uberkids', the creator of the Uberkids has created a new breed, to kill Pico's grandson - Pico Jr. Jr.

creation story
There was a lot more stuff we had planned. We didn't get it finished though.

Apologies to voice actors who aren't included. We're gonna carry on though and the final version will feature:
- a skippable animation explaining the background story (with lovely painted animation and brilliant voice acting)
- interactive intro
- in-game commentary
- far more time spent on level design and testing
- more enemies and interesting variations on the basic gameplay.
- full soundtrack
- a really excellent ending
- difficulty levels

Hence the v 0.6. We just ran into problems and didn't get it finished in time. Thankfully, we managed to put up something...

I love reviews. Any feedback, specially constructive criticism, is much appreciated.

Stay funky, y'all!

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not good

h8 this im sorry but its just way too rard for one you can only shoot left or right and one hit your pwned and you fighting heaps of people its not a fair game

Pretty Good

heythe machines dont fall bug in lvl 7

oh come on picooooo

nooooooooo anoter fucker-kid!!!!!!!!!!man its fucking hard... i'm on lvl 4 how many lvls have?!?! :O this is a cool game but a i think too hard still if without the hard lvls so be awesome!
:D dresnet

nice game.

so the last level is unbeatable, lol i didn't even pass level 2.


Not at all bad fod a simple game. Mine bugged on lv7 or so, flying machines wouldn't stomp for me to shoot.

Bezman responds:


Congratulations - you're maybe the 3rd person (after myself and maybe Danny) to beat the game. I made a mistake in the level design and so that final level is basically unbeatable. This only happened because we were working literally up to the last minute and DAnny had to get to bed.

Hopefully we'll have a MUCH BETTER working version for Pico Day 2009.