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Author Comments

A fun mini-game. Help the Mormon missionaries make it to an appointment on time...or, if you're not a fan of Mormons, run then under a semi.

Game area is looong...you may have to scroll down to see the characters at first.

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interesting take on old material

Nothing too new or interesting, I wish all the deaths had individual things said about them. Or that I knew what the fuck a greeny was. And is that a phone number at the end as a password ?



My Mission

If my mission turns out to be like this . . . then I'm going to have a lot of great talk material! And that greenie is going to be me my friends. That is right, ME!

That was pretty cool.

However, there should be more than one level. You should be able to go through all the discussions. My only question is why do they live in a house surrounded by a moat with no bridge?

BoMToons responds:

I'll be submitting another level to NG sometime soon (same characters diff. gameplay). Too see the full series check out my site (The missionary games are at the bottom of the games list, you may have to scroll the games down to see them).

As for the house...hmm, maybe they're reclusive. ;)

Not bad.

Only have a few problems with it. It is pretty short, I was expecting at least two levels. There were a couple of bugs in there as well. Like when I got hit by a car it said "Roses have thorns....Yeeowch". Which I found to be a little irrelevant at the time. And when youre stuck on a log and it floats off screen you dont die....you just stand on the water like Jesus. Maybe Mormons can walk on water, I'm not sure...I'm not a mormon.

BoMToons responds:

lol, sorry for the bugs, I wish we could walk on water.