ludas animans Ep. 6 Pt. 4

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Before you watch it, MAKE SURE THE QUALITY IS SET TO LOW. If it isn't put it on low, the blur effects will look really crappy if the movie is set on medium or high. Plus some of the backgrounds have animations, and they could cause some serious choppy or laggy animation.

After more than a year, ludas animans episode 6 part 4 is at last here. I started working on this episode pretty much right after episode 6 part 3. Its production was scattered throughout the year, and there were times where weeks passed where I didn't work on it at all. That was mostly because I was trying to come up with the action sequences. It takes me forever to come up with those and takes equally as much time to actually animate them (about 30 minutes to an hour to animate one second of animation). The time I had to work on the movie was pretty low, about three hours a day, which also contributed to the long process of making this episode. I'm just glad this episode is finally finished.

Other than that, I think that's all I can can think of saying at the moment. The next episode is currently coming forth in my mind now, and have a pretty good idea of what's gonna happen in it, so I hope it doesn't take as long to do that one. Anyways, hope you like the movie.

Approximately 18 minutes 10 seconds (varies on your reading speed)
20 Frames a second
12195 total frames
Frame Size 619 x 362
105 Sounds
Made with Swish Max


Abit long but notbad

Well this was good yes but it went on for too long i thought, the effects were nice and decent animation was cool, the story was good i thought, a few things that could improve on this would be to lose the NEXT button and just allow the text bubbles to move on after a few seconds instead of having to click everytime, but with that said it was a good flash.

let the text bubbles flow, make the episodes somewhat shorter.

Good story nice effects, overall good stuff.


Couldnt review on eps 9 for second time

GET YOUR BUTT UP AND WORK ON ESP.8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KNanakase responds:

06/11/2007 11:20am

Heh, sorry about the long wait time. But I've come to another problem. Whenever I export my flash movie to see how it's coming along and for observing how scenes and action sequences flow, the movie shows up in black and white and all the text is in gibberish. I don't know how to fix this problem, so if I can't fix this problem, episode 8 will probably never be released...

I took these comparison screenshots to show what I'm talking about:

http://img122.imageshack.us/i mg122/6128/ludasoriginalcw9.p ng

http://img107.imageshack.us/i mg107/5577/ludasexportmc6.png

The original is taken from the actual canvas where the work is being done, while the exported one is what it looks in swf format and what it looks like on the internet browsers.

*sighs* I'll finish the episode, but I don't know if it'll ever be viewed by anyone but me since the only way to view it normally is through looking at it through swishmax...

My god this movie is great!

i got only one word for this movie and it wow, I almost wish there was a movie out of this and watch all the episode on tv and for once im serious. I just entered ng and saw lot of movie, but this one is one of the top best i saw. so with all that i give you 10 on all the scoring.

great stuff make more or die...that is all.

i can justify my scoring being all tens as this is the best plot line i have ever seen....ever it is the most interesting the most indepth the best told with the best music and the best characters, it has depth and a real feeling to it...my only problem episode 6.5 or 7 needs to get here right now....nay needs to get here yesterday. this series is awsome totally awsome, i would like to know if it will always be an ongoing series or will it eventully end cause you have a full length movie right about now and if you have the skills to do so i suggest maybe trying to animate this whole thing into one big movie when your done...however i do like its pixle graphics, they too give it a certain feel so as it is that i want to see a redone version im not sure how far away from the side scrolling and such you should go. well you are the creator and have been doing really good thus far so i have no doubts you will make the appropriate descions for this series. well i want to give you my support and i say rock on with ludis animans...perhaps in a review some where you could tell people how it is you came up with that name, as it sounds latin or may derive from somthing anime...well any ways, great work. its freaking awsome may i suggest changing some of the video game characters to original concepts or trying to get rights to those characters for this movie/ series and trying to market the idea. a person of your creative talents has a purpose in creative places such as hollywood...and that purpose is to keep movies like chalies angels full throtle from ever even being made do to a recent increase in talent to choose from and giving producers in hollywood a better place to place there money than some cracked out writer/director responisble for satires like blood rayne or house of the dead...yes i am refering to that son of a bitch uwe boll. well enough of the go you stuff great work make more or die.....that is all

KNanakase responds:

8/27/06 9:50am

Wow, that's a lot to say. Time to respond!

I understand the long wait for the next episode and I really want to release it now, but I still have to actually finish the episode. Right now, I'm currently animating the final action sequence. Once that is finished, the animation portion of the production will be more or less complete. Then after that is the sound insertion phase, which will take a few days to maybe a week to complete. The buttons and menus are the last thing I do so when that's done, the episode will be completely finished. So, hopefully I'll finish it sometime next month. I just have to overcome the hurdle with how the final action sequence will even start.

Will it be an ongoing series or will it end? It will end eventually. The second story arc is where it will end, which will contain a lot of episodes. I don't think it's possible for me to glue every single episode into one flash movie because I used two different flash programs to make the episodes before episode 6.4 and after. I also lost all the actual .swi files (which contains all the work I did in the flash) to reformats. The only one I have now is episode 6.4.

If fans have questions about the series, I will answer them. For the name of ludas animans, it is latin. Probably a buthering of the language...*sweat drop* It roughly means "living game", though I believe "ludas" is actually supposed to be "ludus". Anyways, it just means that this video game world has life, a soul, a perceived reality. I've always been a video game fan and always dreamed of actually going to video game worlds and having adventures with my favorite characters (kinda like Captain N). So I made that dream into this flash series. Though I have yet to actually make the main character visit actual video game locations like Mario, Megaman, or Zelda levels (that's what the Action Continent is for).

As for getting rights to these characters or making original characters. That's an impossibility for me since I can't make sprites out of nothing. Plus, it's wishful thinking to suggest I can actually have rights to these characters since they come from so many different companies. I can make my own characters through drawing though. After all, I was working on my new comic book series before halting it and starting work on ludas animans. If anything, I'd like that comic series to be an animated cartoon. I mean I worked so hard on that comic's story it went through like 6 revisions, so I'd hate to just abandon it. When ludas animans is over, I'll most likely continue my comic series, but it'll never reach outside my own house, so no one will ever see it sadly...

Anyways, thanks for the comments. I hope my answers to your questions were satisfactory. Just hang in there for the next episode! Which reminds me, do you or anyone else want a preview in that little NG Mag section? I'd be happy to put out a preview if anyone wants one.

Phew...*wipes forehead*
I think I'll end it here now.

P.S. Hang in there!

Still Awesome

I already said i love this series but i must know if the next ep is going to take a year like this one did?

KNanakase responds:

06/18/06 9:58am

I don't think it'll take a year. Though thinking of how the action sequences will play out is taking just as long as last time. This time, however, the event isn't as important as it was in episode 6.4. If anything, this action sequence is giving you an idea of what force Chris and his companions will have to deal with in the next story arc. So, after this episode I'm working on currently is finished, you won't see this force again until this story arc is over.

It weird, though. I have the episode after the one I'm currently working on more fleshed out in my mind than this one. I want to work more on that episode, honostly, since the action sequence I'm currently working on could be considered filler.

Anyways, thanks for comments!

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Jan 25, 2006
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