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Megaman x - Armors

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UPDATE- Vile,bit gea,and shadow armor are availabe. Two more songs, quality select amd more!

I made a game of Megaman. Its the same as any other dress up, drag the picture on top of him. There are two songs in this flash, seen on the bottom. If you dont like the song press off, then try the other. I had fun makeing it, and I hope you have fun playing it. Music is from ZeRo_BaSs & Koei.

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Great awesome game!

you could make a squil and dress megaman up so he could go on missions

how is as i change th caracter ?

i made super megaman

Lots to chose from

I thought this was an alright game submission that you have here, I have always been a fan of these types of submission entries, In fact this was alot better then i had expected, but was pleased with what you had here,a good game for some good fun entertainment. Good game you have here, there was actually alot to chose from as in items and props, i dont think i saw a single animated one though thats probably something you may want to add at a later date and such. the other thing i have noticed about this are that the "BUTTONS" are too small here, you can click them but still too small so some larger maybe more fancy buttons would sufice, Things seemed too "PACKED-IN" on items so maybe you can make the view screen larger somehow and the items wont seem so packed in, anyways good game here. I am surprised this doesn't have a much better score! I have really come to enjoy this! You just get so wrapped up in this flash it is hard to keep track of everything else, The neatest part about this is probably how there is alot of possitive elements through-out the entire flash. so nice entry you have here.

Alright All in all, you have a quite nifty, but under the surface, there's a lot of room for improvement. You just have to take the time and effort and put more into this game, And maybe you will use a few of the ideas that i have posted up here. Just give it a thought. One thing i have found that lacks in alot of these types of games is the lack of items, and props, Such is the case with your game, so adding more stuff will only make the game better and give it a more full finish to it. buttons are too small they could be a tad larger viewscreen is needed, everything looks packed in so a larger view screen would be nice.