Reviews for "Megaman x - Armors"

it was pretty fun

no comment

Forte20xx responds:


just continue up on the flash making food-chain

dress up games aren't all that good in my eyes, but the drawings seemed good, there could've been alot more added, like choosing the individual megaman characters [protoman/bass/zero/megaman/megaman x/and maybe throw in axl] more music selection would be nice for depth, and maybe more armor, like the 2 from x-4 and x-5 [ i think they're in x-4 also] but the falcon and gaea armors. And also have the orginal megaman with the blaser on his left hand. Just keep building up, you'll make some great things if you keep at it i think.

Forte20xx responds:

Im impressed you know all the armors. Honestly I just picked my favorite armors. Was going to do shadow, actually i did do it, but it looked horriable, you know all the black colors, And it drawed your eyes to that armor instantly. So I changed it to falcon isntead. As for the musiC, there arnt that many good mm tunes. Thats y I threw in dynasty warriors music instead.
And the character selection seems a bit to complicated. My 30 day trial is almost up. : O


It's not good, but it's also not bad. So I'll just give you a 5 for Overall.

Forte20xx responds:

Good deal

hey interesting..

this is cool..but it would be cooler if you had all the armors for all the mega man X characters that are avaibull ;)....

Forte20xx responds:

I agree, But i would of have to make everything small to cram it in there.
Thanks for 5

Nice Work

The music is all screwy. If you click on 1 or 2 it doesn't stop the current music it just plays the new one over it. This game definately doesn't have a lasting appeal. It was all drawn really well, but it just got boring changing the color of megaman's armor. Good luck with your future projects.

Forte20xx responds:

Yeah, click off button first then choose music you want. Thanks for the drawing comment. And all armors were supose to be exact replicas of the offical armors.