Reviews for "Megaman x - Armors"

A very solid dress-up

Only one problem:

You had some extensive customization, but...for the most part...all the armor looked the same. Maybe try some different colors next time? Or something? Variety is good.

Forte20xx responds:

I agree was a bit plainm but I tried to keep it like the real styles.


I know you must have worked hard on this. This was great. Everything was hand-drawn and there was a wide selection. Sorry to say this but I'm not a big fan of dress up games.=( In fact I don't really like them. But since this is okay and there was a wide selection I'll still recommend it. Especially to all the hardcore fans of dress-up games.

Forte20xx responds:

I sure did work hard on this. It was a pain in the ass to draw everything from scratch. Thanks for review!

screw the dudes who don't like it.

This is actually very very good. But fix your muzik, man. Crap like that can ruin you.

Forte20xx responds:

screw the dudes who don't like it

lolz yur awsome

Yeah, click the off button first, then choose music you want.

Not interesting

It's pretty boring... the only nice thing, that made me love, was that you can start both songs at the same time (which is a bug of course, not a feature ^^) Or Start the same Song 5 times *g*. Cool! ^^

Forte20xx responds:

Not interesting


Bug fixed check it out.

shit stick

the music was good... im just not a fan of these "dress up" games and i think megaman sucks....

....man, im waiting for the bar to load so i can give you a zero....

Forte20xx responds:

Flash by ctrlalt_deal:
- none -

hahahah, I at least tried fuck stain