Resident Evil:Remake(pre)

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Having posted a resident evil sprite movie the other day to a fair response, I decided to put more effort in this time & dump the sprites.

This is a very short movie & was supposed to be a part of the alpha submission but I added the wrong file :( so here ya go, should have a fully formed movie in 2 weeks!

Hope this gives a good indication of where I'm heading.

Any voice support would be fully appreciated, contact me at michael_ledward@hotmail.com



Hahaha, "Say hello to Saber, BEEITCH!"

Lil-leddy responds:

1 review.. wtf.. ive been in Oz for years now & find 1 review. I'm gonna be getting adebisi on your asses!!


IF you can make a full length with these characters looking like this looks, I think it would be awesome. So much better than the other one of these you submitted it is crazy.
I'm not sure if the !MB is due to the enhanced graphics or the sounds you used. You may want to look into ways to compress souinds ands flash. This was a bit short, you could have teased pweopel with a bit more, or maybe it me wanting more after seeing the improvments you made. I look forward to the full movie.

Lil-leddy responds:

Thanks, im sure it'll be okay once its done.. maybe a while off though as I got a nintendo ds the other day and forgot about doing flash for a while, we'll see what happens though.

needs more

i liked it but it needs more. but the thing i love the most is the graphics. those were amasing.

Lil-leddy responds:

Thanks, each of them was a project on its own. Happy to see some praise for such hard work!

If I get more time I'll try to make some 'real' backgrounds.


since u a resident evil flash maker u are already on my favs for that reason and from the looks of things besides sound its going to be great . i find myself not liking the 3d figures but its different thats why i give u a 9 ons tyle

Lil-leddy responds:

Thanks, catch the release soon m'kay!

Great Work So Far

Its Nice To See You Have Put Time And Care Into This Moive You Have Done Well So Far Cant Wait To See The Full Moive.
Well Done

Lil-leddy responds:

Thanks, i'm still surpirsed that a sprite movie i made in as much time as this preview got a higher score, then again it is longer.

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2.64 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2006
2:54 AM EST
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