Office Egg Shorts// #1

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Well...I barely made this, HiddenLegend did help A LOT. It started out as a comic I made during the Christmas Break...then HiddenLegend decided to take it (kinda crappily) to flash! So I did everything but animate.

Anyways...the 1st product: FUCK OFF!

So enjoy!

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Not too bad

Well you can draw pretty good but this could've used a storyline rather than being random as hell. Well, whatever. Good job. :}

WKBiomutt responds:

2 people, that's how many that have responded positively to the creation of my boredome, thnx for the compliment.

Wow that was stupid

Sorry man, but that was just completely stupid. A possibly good idea gone COMPLETELY down the shit hole. Sucks for you...

WKBiomutt responds:

My friend made that like 2 years ago and i wanted an animation for my new profile, and as well, you can jes make people feel good about them selves even though they suck instead of bitching to a guy that used his t.v to make a blender(lol, j/k)

With some work...

Wasn't a bad idea, but the clip was way too short. Another thing: get a new mike, because the voice is brutal!

Maybe some color? But that's up to you. I liked the anime thing on the egg. Make your movie(s) slower, and longer.

Overall, it was kinda bad.


Well, since it was sort of animated, contained sound and even had a bit of a plot, I canĀ“t blam it with a zero. I can however say that it does make poop look good.

WKBiomutt responds:

lol, im not offended at all, i feel the same way about "poop" all the time.


My ears hurt.

When you talk into the mic do not hold it right in front of your mouth or even in your mouth.

Hold it about a foot from your mouth or in your case maybe even three.