Reviews for "Office Egg Shorts// #1"

Pretty Funny

Can be improved, I am sure your work will be great soon

WKBiomutt responds:

Thank you!! o-O


I don't get to say this often... That was fun! I actually laughed.
The whole thing was good. Can't think of ways to improve it...
So.. good job!

WKBiomutt responds:

Just so you know, your the only one that has responded positively to the creation of my boredome. I mostly get stuff like: "GET A BETTER MIC" and the usual abusive assholes. overall, thnx.

Good Job

I really liked that... it made me laugh... I just wish the sound was better.... and it didn't move so fast. Maybe give a longer detail of the product... at any rate... good job!

Not too bad

Well you can draw pretty good but this could've used a storyline rather than being random as hell. Well, whatever. Good job. :}

WKBiomutt responds:

2 people, that's how many that have responded positively to the creation of my boredome, thnx for the compliment.

the sound of it gave me a head ache

The sound was terrible

WKBiomutt responds:

So's you all caps username ._o