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Sonic RPG eps 3

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-Here is the 3rd episode of the sequel Sonic RPG. The ppl who wanted to watch the power of Seelkadoom will enjoy this movie. The other ones will also enjoy this one(VOTE 5), except the guys who saw the other episodes and didnt like them(for those ppl, just dont see this movie, and dont vote 0)...
Just one more thing, Why some ppl keep giving me "0" on interactivity, when I make my movies with menus full of interactivity and Battles in RPG style?! I already have seen movies with only the PLAY botton which ppl give it a "10" on interactivity...I dont understand that...
NOTES:- Flash player 8 required
- To forward troungh the text press ENTER
Enjoy this movie ppl

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black sonic

We finally see Seelkadoom in action, showing powerful techniques during his battle that set a new bar for the series.
I find odd how Sonic made so many death threats in the previous episodes and then decides to not kill the villain in this one.
Also, Shadow's character highlights how inspired the story is in DBZ.

A fan's review of Episode 3:

Episode 3 involves around Sonic saving Shadow with the help of Nights. The episode is fairly standard, except when Shadow says the f word. It is a product of it's time, which again, I wont give too much flack, but it is easy to poke fun of it. One scene that isn't in the updated version is weirdly interesting. It involves around Shadow wondering why Sonic can turn Super without the Emeralds where he visits Sonic to give him an answer. It's strangely odd seeing that cutscene. Now that I think about it, the scene with Nights reacting to Super Sonic if he transform in the Ristar battle is not there also. Anyway, in Episode 3, we see Seelkadoom for the first time and its fairly good at the time. His Magical Apokaliz technique gives a grander look into his power. Otherwise, it's still dated.

This game broke when you want to star the game!

Seelkadoom gets stronger,man.