Mr. T v.s. Pokeymon

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hey do you think you can do mr. t's voice good(i know i cant)so heres the deal i'm having auditions for the remake of my game here ok so send in a file of your mr t voice sayin i pitty da foo and your name can apear in the credits in huge letters good luc


funny but totally crap

I have to give this 4 stars the concept is so dumb that I love it and the quality is so bad that it is funny. Only problem is that it appears to crash when mr T punches machoke

this game might actually be the most beautiful game I've ever played.
splendid voice acting, amazing characters, and a story that's extremely deep.
truly one of the best games on newgrounds, 5/5

This is still the best thing ever fucking made.

Wow, this was quite annoying. The audio seemed way off. This has not aged well at all. Mr. T's design looks quite bad. I guess this was just what they had for Flash Player back then. It wasn't much of a game.

I don't know who that dinosaur was. This was done before there were hundreds of pokemon. I guess it was supposed to be Barney. There's so much room for improvement. It needed to have more of a story.

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3.35 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2000
5:12 PM EDT
Gadgets - Other

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