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Reviews for "Mr. T v.s. Pokeymon"

it has shitty animation but a nice charm to it
it was fun to watch and i liked the interactivity
the voices were a bit unclear though

Absolutely brilliant, the gameplay, graphics and sound were done perfectly in fact the whole thing was perfect, I loved the voice acting and the humour was the best thing about it, this is what Duke Nukem forever should have been like, if this was shipped instead as Duke Nukem Forever people would have thought it made up for the amount of time that it took.

Mr. T pities the fools...

Who don't vote this a ten!

Mr. T v.s. Pokeymon

I know you said this in your description but your Mr.T voice is horrible.
Not that i'm good at it but still.
This game was okay,I personally don't believe this game is amazing like everyone else thinks.
- Phillip Vorrasi

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I miss the old days when animations were simple and crappy like this.