Happy Noodle Boy

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This is a cartoon recreation of a comic strip in a comic book called Johnny the Homicidal Maniac... i think the randomness is great. The original story/characters/randomn
ess was put in still form by Johnen Vasquez into his comic and i remade it as a cartoon. i hope you enjoy it, sorry about the audio quality.
I resubmitted this because the last time i submitted it it was whistle blown for reasons unknown to me, that was a month ago, i e-mailed newgrounds multiple times and no action was taken so i resubmitted.



The noodle thing was ok...but the kicking of the cat was the best that just deserves a movie by itself

Not bad

The Noodle Boy thing, the actual flash, was alright. But what caught my eye was the beginning credit part where the dude kicked the cat. Just the sound it made and watching the guy kick the cat I started laughing so hard I missed the whole movie and had to watch it again. But not a bad job with the movie.

Bodie responds:

hehe, i love it too... i thought it up from a story my dad told me about this time his cousin booted the next door's cat over the fence because it kept ripping up their yard.


Noodle Boy deserves so much!! Of course it was random, but didn't quite catch the humor of Happy Noodle Boy comics.

I never really liked HNB...

However, you did a good job of bringing him to life.
...Except for his voice.
I always pictured his voice as somewhat more high-pitched and annoying
And, of course, I am always right.

Bodie responds:

thanks, sorry i didnt meet your expectations on the voice, but its pretty hard getting the voice right for everyone when the voice doesnt exist :P.

Very Interesting flash

Very interesting style. I like some of the dialogue. However, I must point out that randomness does not equate humour.

Adequate amount of violence.

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3.46 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2005
7:53 AM EST
Comedy - Original