Reviews for "Happy Noodle Boy"

This is utter dreck.

As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn't go and try to make a movie out of something you didn't create, as you will almost ALWAYS f*ck it up. This applies to everyone.

Bodie responds:

another general rule of thumb, some people are complete idiots... this applies to you


it was fun


it was to much like invader zim and the guy who makes thats comics so i cant realy give its own real orignality. But it was still goooood

I'd have to agree with the last guy...

I think that Happy Noodle Boy is supposed to have a loud, psychotic voice. Like that of a crazy crackhead. Or Gilbert Gotfried. Anyway, you did an okay job.

Bodie responds:

yeah, i might get my friend to do the voice next time, i'm not the most exciting sounding person and i'm not the sort of person that could put on too much of a fake voice, thanks for the feedback.

i expected better

ok, sorry to rant, but im kind of a JTHM nerd, ok Happy noodle boy would NOT sound like that, he was too calm, dude hes always screaming liek a freakin lunatic, how would i know you ask? I dont know for a fact, but based on invader zim, wich is kindoff JTHM brother, they sound nothing alike, Invader zim is a cartoon making fun of society and all the characters sound liek crack heads oe screaming liek crazy tacos. even if its based on a comic, the animation was not good, it took forever to get to the next slide, and it was just more drawn out. sound was terrible, as i stated above. violence was terrible, even for a comic wich i have read, you still did a bad job on the blood. and humor, its all about how he says it, and you said it so plain and calm, im sorry but that must have been the worst representation of happy noodle boy. and im sorry, some of you might call me a troll, but I really tried to like this, heck, i was ven excited about it, i love jouhny and anything related to him, but this was just a piece of crap. i hope you try to do another 1, but make the character sound CRAZIER AND LOUDER, because thats what happy noodle boy is, crazy and loud.

Bodie responds:

i would usually be annoyed about someone saying horrible things about my flash... but you perfectly gave reasons for everything you disliked about it, if everyone who didnt like it said it like you, i would be fine :) thanks for the feedback, i may do another Happy noodle boy flash in the future and i'll take into consideration what you've said, and with the next one you wont have to try and like it, you will ;).