Reviews for "Happy Noodle Boy"

Diz iz Tight like my girlfriends pussy

dude. F*ck all thoseother ppl this was f*ckin hilarious. but i gotta admit when i read the comics i pictured his voice to be alot more like a crack-head's voice.

"PREPARE ALL ASSES FOR VICIOUS ENTRY" that would make a bad assed ringtone. actually ne of those frazes would. PLZ make more.

love it make more

I great fan of JTHM and happy noodle boy. make more of them including the one when he goes to the funeral! that one would work. just work on the sound alignment and it's perfece. You is my bruddah!

It was pretty funny

the sound was a little off at some points but i liked most everything else

Good!could use a little work though.

The graphics stayed pretty consistant with that page, but a bit of it didn't look right to me, but then again, my eyes aren't very good.
The style is baisically the same as graphics. the sound need work, the second sentence was overthrown by cars.the humor was fine, seeing as it is happy noodle boy. my mom thought it was funny, and she thought it looked like the comic. overall noodley goodness.


okay, i will admit it is cheating taking something you didn't create and making a movie out of it, but it was pretty funny... i enjoyed seeing noodle boy in real live action... and you did give credit to jhonen, so i guess it's okay. now, i dodn't know if you did this on purpose or not, but the vocals are so terrible that it just makes it funnier. but if that's NOT what you were trying to do, then that's kinda sad. any ways it was good for some laughs!!