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Sin Harvest

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Seem to be alot of issues with some of the content in the game. Collision detection shouldn't be a problem and we aren't sure why everyone is having a problem with it but we are checking it out. The Fireball seems to be an issue. When you are using the fireball your agility doesn't regenerate so don't have it on all the time. Yes the sword is crazy looking but I digress we didn't have much time to fully work on this game to it's full potential, what with real lives and only one day a week for 9 weeks to work on it. So problems, yes, major, not really. How about some cheats? Go to credits. Click on each persons name and if their profile click on their name again. Then go back to the title and click on Sin Harvest. It should bring up a cheats screen. If not you did it wrong. Please I'd like to have more mature feedback than what I'm seeing. To much This sucks and blam it cause its trash for me. It seems like you didn't even give the game much of a try!

New installment from the Faded Visions Crew. Sin Harvest is a work in progress but has a playable two levels. I wanted to get some feedback on the game and I know that it's usually bad to post a game that isn't fully completed but it's done enough to where people might actually like it. Controlls are listed on the title screen, please go there before playing so you know what your doing. One thing that isn't on there is the Agility Bar. This was added so that it takes more skill than just slashing away. Thanks for Playing!

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Very fun, and very "ZELDA" like but thats what made it so much fun, also good job on the "MUSIC" selections, as for the gameplay it was decent, the "SWORD" seems to move abit slow, but other then that it was very fun, loved it, hope to see more from you soon...

More levels, more odd characters like at the start...

A great game sorta reminds you of "ZELDA" very fun indeed, everyone who loves zelda will love this...


You all are gonna make lots of money someday!!

My baby and his friends worked very hard on this game. It also attributed to them receiving their Associates Degrees in Multimedia Design. NeoJester feels no need to justify you peoples' worthless whining, but I think maybe some of you should try making a video game in 9 6-hr class periods and see how shitty it turns out.
Just because you people are jaded bye all the new high-tech ultra real-looking graphics of the new game consoles out doesn't mean that Sin Harvest sucks.
As for the graphics... most of that stuff is hand drawn by a very talented friend of ours, I would like to see your idea of the seven sins..... I take pity on all of you who just sit on your arses and whine about what other people can do, just because you will never be able to do things like make a video game.

i do

i do belive this totally sucked


this would have been cool, but the collision detection is awful, the sword sucks, and its a zelda ripoff, also, the sword kinda looks like a penis or a tenticle or something, might wanna work on the animation

Nice idea but...

The sword is awful. You have to be right on top of the enemy to hit them and even then you often don't hit them. Fix that and this might be a good game.

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2.25 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2005
4:40 PM EST