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Star Crap Episode3 (2/2)

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Watch the first part:

Due to size limit, we had to split this movie into two parts.

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I luv everything!!! but i thought u could make better animation. but it was still great

squeakytoad responds:

Haha I guess couldn’t do better 15 years ago (I was 13).

This was better than the original. I still wouldn't go so far as to recommend it. The animation still looks off. You definitely got better jokes here. I especially loved the Dragonball Z references. I'm just a sucker for that stuff.

I think most of us are. It was pretty faithful to the movie. Well, you got the scenes right is what I mean. I recognize those logos. It's weird you would use that in a movie. Happy "Star Wars" sequels, I guess!

Yup, 'bout right.

And this pretty much sums up the 3rd movie in the greatest saga of all time. Wow George Lucas, you really suck balls, very large balls.

omg lol

u know wut i just thought about how padime dies giveing birth someone shoulde make a spoof vid of like her kids and its like hey wheres my toys or sumthin and then someone says hey shut up kid u dont deserve anything cuz ur mom died giveing birth to you tow little ingrates