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Reviews for "Star Crap Episode3 (2/2)"

Star Crap is right!

The title was ever so appropriate, because all this was, was crap. Pure crap. Nothing but solid, unadulterated CRAP! Your complete lack of humour was evidenced most by the chicken dance credits. WTF? I mean seriously. For random humour to be funny there has to be some basis in reality.

Study your successful comedians (and web comics) and try again. Actually...save us that...never try again. I consider the fact that this sits at a 4 rating proof positive that society is growing ever dumber.

There was not an original thought flowing through this entire series. It's been said before but the Monty Python black knight...It's not a homage if you rip off the entire scene! A subtle punch-line nod...that's a tribute. You just ran out of jokes (quite early I notice) and stole from the original kings of comedy.

This is not close to being a tribute to Star Wars, and not far enough removed to be a satire. So it sits, taking up space in the middle of the road. Never again, dumb down society by making another flash.

good one

nice 2nd part to this one.... it was very nice. i liked it a lot.


Okay, the guy who posted before me (Malficious or something like that) is a probably some kid who has an account on every Star Wars forum and fan net, because I don't think anyone who spells and punctuates that badly can be anything other than some snot nosed nerd.
About the flash: Nice one! I (for one) understood all your jokes and satires on Episode III, and loved everyone of them. The animation was an interesting style, but the content more than made up for it. A solid 8 (almost a 9).

Mildly better but still shit

terrible sense of humor, and you obviosuly don't understand anything about Episode III for example how is Anakin choking Padme destroy his reason to join the darkside, watch the movie again, and actually listen to the dialogue rather than just watch the Lightsaber fight dumbass, actually LISTEN to the plot.

the only mildly funny part was the Sould Calibur refrence

ok on the last one i said keep trying and you may make a good movie

I see the how wrong i was, just give up now while you're ahead


my review for the first was a total burn lol. This one was MUCH MUCH better. Im not taking back what i said about the first, it was really bad. Now, this one, was way funnier. WAY funnier. The humor was not as juvenile, this one was very original, and the credits cracked me up. If the two were joined as first intended, i would think a bit less of this part, but way more of the first. The limit isnt 5000kb, thats just what they reccomend for keeping a movie from being blammed. I think the two should have been joined. Great job on this one, man.