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Piggy Bank Pinko

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Author Comments

In this episode, the Cold War's hottest hero teaches a misguided youth about the dangers of saving money. This cartoon will hopefully develop the Captain Capitalism character a little more, so that I can do more episodic pieces in the future. Hopefully, you will still enjoy it, even though this one has no obscentities or political themes. Visit www.captaincapitalism.com for more...

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I think it's interesting how Captain Capitalism is more so promoting fascism than actual free market ideals. Makes the whole thing a bit more sinister.

I love how you promote yourself at the end. It's so self-referential! Anyway, the artwork in this was simply amazing. I love the bright colors. I admit that it's weird hearing him talk about how we shouldn't have another recession. Well, in 2007 we did! And now Donald Trump's President, there's a good chance we'll have another one.

Wow, so much happens in a decade. The voices are very funny too. I like the title card. It reminded me of the "Looney Tunes" cartoon "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery". Now that's a classic.

again, very good animation, it was very funny but you have almost no clue how economics and capitalism works

Captain Capitalism is Keynesian

So much for showing Captain Capitalism as a right-winger. The message to not save your money in a recession and spend spend spend is a very Leftist approach. John Maynard Keynes advocated more and more spending during a recession, driving up debt, and hopefully restarting your economy. Most progressive Democrats would agree with what he's saying and most Republicans would disagree with his message.


I sent this to a high school history teacher who loved it....but dared not show it to her class for 'political reasons'.
WTF?...too bad.......when it comes to not being able to show the youth of America what the real story is through humor because of 'political correctness' and ' satirical humor we're screwed.
They have us by the balls.

Thanks Brad......Primo stuff.......all of the CC stuff.

Credits & Info

4.37 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2005
3:57 PM EST

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