The armor RPG experiment

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STUPID PEOPLE, zero voters! There is a POWER UP skill. Use it damnit, will make the game a lot easier.

Yay @ award and frontpage, thanks tom and wade!

Instructions are inside. Game includes 15 weapons, 5 staves and 6 armor.
Music by Edgen.Com

Have Fun and give feedback,
Ludy Graffelman


Coming from the game Lord of the Rings Battle, overall I think this is a well made and fun game. However, there are some bugs and issues that need to be fixed.

It has good art style; it is simplistic. The overall game mechanics are brilliant; it is not common to come across these turn based skill driven combat games. Most clock games and turn based games are always never really balanced or get to the point. For example, a bad game would have it as every skill is the one mana cost. Instead, this game focuses on managing your mana, hp and skills. I like how all the skills are balanced out.

I should note I haven't completed the whole game.
However, it is slightly more difficult than the first version. I defeated the first orc, in the hills mission, but I am stuck on the second. I presume the game takes a bit more repeating previous missions to earn more points and move on? Also, some skills and commands feel a bit obsolete; for example, the power, defense and magic ups. Someone down below review mentioned that a power does nothing? However, when I had used magic up several times, my magical abilities seem to have increased? Also commands like Auto life, protect and ray of light seem nothing. In addition, there is no real way of understanding the enemies abilities. For some reason, the orc seems to always be able to replenish hp with no mana cost?

In stating that, I think the game's biggest flaw is the unknown of the mechanics. For example, a thorough explanation of the abilities with a table of hp damage, mana cost, impact, etc. Also, an explanation of the enemy's abilities.

I think you should create a wiki on the skills and game mechanics of this excellent game, that would be great and very helpful.

If you do not have enough time or resources, I would be glad to make a wiki for you.

Things you should do in the next update/patch/sequel is to balance the enemies in each level. Lower their mana, hp and some abilities. Also, you should add further indications of perks, power ups, etc, for the UI.
If you want, (this is only if you want this), maybe some more lore, a campaign map, etc.

In Conclusion, I really liked the previous game, Lord of the Rings Battle, but felt it was too short; however, this game is a good sequel. It just needs more tweaking, and is a little bit too difficult.

I would like a wiki, and make one of the interesting game mechanics here, so please give your feedback.

I admit that I was quite surprised at how cool this was. I thought it was one of those clock games at first. Now that I think about it, I might have liked it more if it was. Anyway, this is still great. It's mostly because you have such good graphics. I'm fascinated at how good you can do this with simplistic designs. The sounds are quite authentic as well.

I just think it's cool for these guys to strike each other like that. It doesn't accomplish much, but it's fun to watch. Even more fun to play! I like how they just float up and down between actions. This is an interesting game.

wtf the guy hits me 4 times each round with 20-100 damage each and his life and mana regenerate automaticly pus he gets stronger every time you beat him and here you are with everything overpriced so you cant by anything whatsoever the enemies have twice the amount of mana and life you have and they can attack you 4 times in one turn so this game was made to be WAY to hard and thats my reasons for giving it a zero.

Good game!
I think this is your first flash.
but, i got a list you to update.
---------[LIST OF UPDATES NEEDED]-------
-Too hard, make it easier a bit.
-Update Some Graphics, i think that would increase the ratings.
-Some things are too expensive, make it lower. (like first hat 2500 in update 1000)
-cash in start is too low, make it 500.
-needs a questmaster so you can get rewards
-if you level up, you can get rewards too.
Thats all.
P.S Hope this is helpful to you.

this game is not as impossible as everyone is making it out to be... yes it is very difficult but it is able to be beaten... first thing.. DONT DO THE HILL LEVEL... its a trap to make it so you CANT do the rest of the game... yes the enemies get stronger, BUT they can be beaten... dont use POWER-UP... physical attacks in this game are close to pointless... use MAGIC-UP and DEFENSE-UP (hereafter DEF-UP)... magic in this game is the way to go.. on my first battle i took out the guy in the castle (difficulty 6) using those.. at the beginning of each battle, make sure you click DEF-UP twice then cast PROTECT... then in a pattern of MAGIC-UP and DEF-UP, do NOT attack the enemy till you can cast enough to be able to heal MORE than what the enemy can do to you.. also because you have these unlimited uses of the power ups in each battle, don't bother putting any points in strength, magic, or defense since these can all be enhanced during battle.. instead focus on just raising you HP as much as possible since the enemies get stronger each time.. you'll need more HP or prepare to be ONE HIT DEAD each time... im currently on my 8th fight fight now and doing just fine killing the man in the castle... so here is my idea for everyone... stop complaining that the game is hard... there is a way around it (i just gave you an idea, its not difficult to get the hang of), its mostly a hit or miss with the other part of luck that some of us lack... do not get me wrong... im not trying to say the game is perfect by any means... it has plenty of flaws... but there is a way around them... the BIGGEST FLAW BY FAR is when you fight the GREEN ball when he does his spin attack and his mana DOES NOT go down... but he is still able to be beaten.. just MUCH harder... also his spinning attack NEGATES the defense you have so that just adds on to it, PLUS he can do it twice in a row... he has killed me a few times but ive killed him just the same...

so for the CREATOR, its a good game, just has a few kinks (which is why im assuming the title has EXPERIMENT in the title) and the balance is a bit off, but its a good direction as far as growing enemy strength on all scales.. just lower the difficulty juuuuuust a little bit for people that are struggling or dont want to break their computer monitors over FLASH GAME RAGE (FGR for short).. fix some of the enemy attacks so that they properly register, and fix the typos (experience- not experiance... as an example)... i know its frustrating having a bunch of people telling you your game is bad, but remember they dont know the same loopholes that you do since you made it... perhaps a WALKTHROUGH or TIPS/TRICKS entry would be nice... i am a bit bias since i am a player, i dont like being called stupid although i know its not directed specifically at me, but i wouldve given you 5 if that comment wasnt there.. if you do decide to fix this game or make a different one, i hope this helps.. and for the players, please read that first section carefully and try it.. i promise it works... all in all, its a good game with PLENTY of challenge to it.. hope all this helps

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3.66 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2005
8:08 PM EST
Adventure - RPG