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Reviews for "The armor RPG experiment"

this game is not as impossible as everyone is making it out to be... yes it is very difficult but it is able to be beaten... first thing.. DONT DO THE HILL LEVEL... its a trap to make it so you CANT do the rest of the game... yes the enemies get stronger, BUT they can be beaten... dont use POWER-UP... physical attacks in this game are close to pointless... use MAGIC-UP and DEFENSE-UP (hereafter DEF-UP)... magic in this game is the way to go.. on my first battle i took out the guy in the castle (difficulty 6) using those.. at the beginning of each battle, make sure you click DEF-UP twice then cast PROTECT... then in a pattern of MAGIC-UP and DEF-UP, do NOT attack the enemy till you can cast enough to be able to heal MORE than what the enemy can do to you.. also because you have these unlimited uses of the power ups in each battle, don't bother putting any points in strength, magic, or defense since these can all be enhanced during battle.. instead focus on just raising you HP as much as possible since the enemies get stronger each time.. you'll need more HP or prepare to be ONE HIT DEAD each time... im currently on my 8th fight fight now and doing just fine killing the man in the castle... so here is my idea for everyone... stop complaining that the game is hard... there is a way around it (i just gave you an idea, its not difficult to get the hang of), its mostly a hit or miss with the other part of luck that some of us lack... do not get me wrong... im not trying to say the game is perfect by any means... it has plenty of flaws... but there is a way around them... the BIGGEST FLAW BY FAR is when you fight the GREEN ball when he does his spin attack and his mana DOES NOT go down... but he is still able to be beaten.. just MUCH harder... also his spinning attack NEGATES the defense you have so that just adds on to it, PLUS he can do it twice in a row... he has killed me a few times but ive killed him just the same...

so for the CREATOR, its a good game, just has a few kinks (which is why im assuming the title has EXPERIMENT in the title) and the balance is a bit off, but its a good direction as far as growing enemy strength on all scales.. just lower the difficulty juuuuuust a little bit for people that are struggling or dont want to break their computer monitors over FLASH GAME RAGE (FGR for short).. fix some of the enemy attacks so that they properly register, and fix the typos (experience- not experiance... as an example)... i know its frustrating having a bunch of people telling you your game is bad, but remember they dont know the same loopholes that you do since you made it... perhaps a WALKTHROUGH or TIPS/TRICKS entry would be nice... i am a bit bias since i am a player, i dont like being called stupid although i know its not directed specifically at me, but i wouldve given you 5 if that comment wasnt there.. if you do decide to fix this game or make a different one, i hope this helps.. and for the players, please read that first section carefully and try it.. i promise it works... all in all, its a good game with PLENTY of challenge to it.. hope all this helps

Excuse me, i'm not sure its a good thing to call the people who take their time to play your games stupid. This game desrves a zero for many reasons. But of course you put effort into it, (i hope) so all artists should atleast get a half a star for the work they put into it.
First off, no, we are not stupid. We see the power up button. But, you have to use it about 10-15 times to get it to actually put out some good damage. Which has been pointed out many times. By that time, the opponent who does 50-90 damage 2 or 3 times a round has already basically killed you. Also been pointed out and still not fixed. The opponent heals 100+ health while you barely heal anything. Another thing that hasnt been addressed (I see a pattern here) And yes, you can upgrade the effectiveness of the power-up and defense-up with the main attributions, but you can only do so after you have leveled up. And leveling up gets impossible after the first 2 times you kill the guy on Hill level. Since he seems to get more powerful, when your skills just cant keep up with it. Even if you do upgrade Guardian Angel or Warrior Angel stat, you just cant kill the guy on the Hill level after 2 or 3 tries, and the next level the guy is too powerful. So you're basically stuck and cant play anymore.
0.5/10 stars.
If a creator of a game has the time to call us viewers stupid, maybe he should take the time to create a worth-while game, or start fixing the one he already created. Maybe YOU should try to see why the viewers are giving this a zero. Suck up the pride and ego and try to see things from the our point of view.


NIce,but it could been better.

unbalanced, crappy lookin' try to be an RPG

probably most un(balanced)playable RPG i've saw.
looks like u could do it good but prefered to do crappy.

(skill -> power up gives more bonus)
2nd,3rd...: POWER UP,POWER UP,attack.

my record is 3 battles. its damn hard and it could be good and interesting also being hard, but it isn't interesting at all, so it sux i think.
i've tried to beat it 5 or 6 times, but my record was still three lvl1 battles.

take a look on balance. i think it would be better without "UP"s but with good ratio of dmg/def. as i see u didn't spent time on drawing its also crappy.
only way to understand ur score of 3.66 is - game was made 2005, and looks like it was "OK" that time.


because when you win once the enemy's go beyond hard so it's impossible to win after the first duel!!!