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Shoukei : Immortality

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Author Comments

*****Please note that I do not have professional voice actors, so please use the subtitles. Some voices are blurred because of that reason too. No need to comment about the sound in your review... I know about that before submiting.*****
Shoukei finds the gate to the path of immortality, but she has to get past a bug... I mean... an elf. This one is based on the original comic by Shoukei herself.
[Vote fairly, and please don't rate 0 0 0 0 0 in your reviews (cause if you don't like it, it still has graphics, sound, animation, right?)]

Runtime is 4 minutes +

Shoukei does not have a newgrounds account yet. She'll make one later.

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was alright

meh, was alright... certain parts of the animating and art were poorly done, however, and not all the objects looked completely solid(maybe cause they were tweened, lol.), the blast that that fairy used that fried the girls cape was crappy. and the way the girl walked off as she went ou the door wasn't animated that well... overall pretty good, but you still need to work on alot of things. oh, also, the sound was very fuzzy, work on that, too.


DOOD!! i watched this 4 times already! Cuz it's really original. the voice stuff could be better, but..... oh well. Awesome background music, and the guardian was really neat. The only diss I got is that bug, er, elf-girl needs a name......;
That's 'bout it.........
good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...bug repelent...

the sound sukd. there was sputtering in the beginning, and kind of static w/e. the sound effects was louder than the speaking part. the bug's voice was muffled. i couldnt tell if the person was a boy or a girl (not that it would matter), and its cape looked like it was over big for its body. the only funny part was the bug repelent.

Good effort...

Well, the story and idea was great... And the art and drawings were pretty good as well... But the animation really was disappointing. There were hardly any smooth parts, and most of it was awkward. And, the voice thing, well... If you don't have voice actors I guess
that's understandable, as the voices really were crap.

Keep up the work though, i'm sure some improvement will lead to great results.

Okay, look... listen carefully...

Please keep working on your skill, because the concept is wonderful. I would love to see more of Shoukei, but I couldn't even finish this one because of the roughness of the sound, the animation and the action. The drawing was good, but the movements were hesitant and jerky. And please, I know you know the sound SUCKS, so work to improve it. A lot. But massive props for the tight ass concept!! KEEP AT IT!!