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When Writers Lose..Collab

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Radioactive24- This is a Sprite Collab! And yes, the Scene Select Button Doesn't Work!!!OK. This is a collab brought to you by NGCollabs. this is the Second of hopefully many more to come. The other artists and i have been working pretty hard on this for about a montha and a half, due to the fact that the jerk who was gonna organize it dropped out and i took over. Hopefully, this will do half as well as the other collab from NGCollabs. Visit it on the web at http://www.ngcollabs.com Thanks and enjoy the fruits of our labor!!!

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Pretty funny

That was pretty damn funny.

why 8?

b'cos i didn't like you putting what happens to me EVERY TIME in sonic and pokemon


it's a one time only good

I didn't get it

What was the relevence of the title to the purpose of the collab?
What was the collab suppost to be?
Where was the credit to the Numa Numa song?
Oh wait, that was in Various Others, wasn't it? That isn't a credit... that's just you skipping the whole purpose of crediting music.
Decent sprite manipulation all around, but this had nothing really going with it.

Radioactive24 responds:

The Numa Numa song is call "Dragostea Din Tea", you uncultured fuck. And it's in the credits.

Dude, that was hilarious!

My f-ing god, that was some funny shyte. Especially, especially the Mario part. That was #1 to me. And the Bomberman scene at the end? #2, definitely. I was a bit sad that you guys didn't have Master Chief and Samus go at it, and Cloud and Link do the same, but hey, it was good for what it was. I'm still rolling on my floor from it! Pretty good work, guys!

Didi mau!