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Rain experiment

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Author Comments

Just fiddling around with this, I dont expect any great comments or anything. Just posting for some constructive critisim.

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((( NICE IDEA )))

I was impressed with this, the idea behind it is great, and you presented the effects of it very well, kinda neat how you dud it, effects were neat and so was the rest of the flash, nice flash very welldone, nice job...

Hmmm, well not sure it was more of a test then anything else...

A fun little rain thingy...


Aah! So tranquilizing in a twisted way...

Your ideas for handling the rain effect are excellent, but your execution could have been better. When we see the girl's hand and face, the rain looks very realistic. But when the camera looks up to the sky, though the lines look more like drawings on MS paint thatn like actual rain. In other words, you need to learn to draw rain better from irregular perspectives. I realize that it can be annoying and time consuming having to draw all those lines in a way that makes them look like they were randomly formed, but if you don't spend that extra time to do that, you simply will not convince us that we are looking at rain.
You're doing well by making those raindrops lines apper in different sizes, but the way you drew them, they look like they are just going anyhere they please. You should try to make the lines appear as if they are being pulled DOWN TOWARDS THE GROUND by the force of gravity. That'll improve the sky shot a whole lot
The shoe shot could also have been better. The secret is in first establishing a completely flat surface, the ground, where all the rain drops will hit, and then drawing everything else as if it's reacting to THE SAME surface, in a parallel direction.

and i liked it

The graphics are great and the music fit very well. It feels very mysteries. I hope to see some more of your movies in the future.
Very very good keep it up.


So... you don't expect any comments, but you're just here for crits? Jesus almighty, go join a forum if you want crits, and then when you've finished your piece, come here!

Ahem, ok... your rain. ... I'm going to try and be nice here.

If i saw this without reading the title, i'd know it was raining in this animation, so score 1 for you there. However... seeing as you're 'experimenting' with it, it's pretty shoddy. Your rain doesn't actually move, flicking back and forth between dark grey and light grey lines just isn't going to cut it, go and look at rain, you'll find that it's pretty random, and falls a lot faster than... well, stationary grey lines. Go for speed, go crazy... go random. Rain isn't an art, it's just falling water, i don't think you've captured it very well at all.

The beginning of this is good, with the wavey floor, it definitely looks wet, but when your character steps in, it goes a bit wrong. Go and walk in a puddle, tell me how many ripples you see. I understand how tedious it will be to create a decent looking ripple and splash, but if it's what you're aiming for, you've gotta give it your all.

Definately not bad...

I must say that this is a very interesting piece of work. Perhaps you should consider doing a series, or maybe just a scripted short story.
This is the first repeating flash I have given such a high score.

Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2005
8:47 PM EDT