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Blam Busters Trailer

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Author Comments

*This trailer is to a project that may revive sometime in 2008, Not as a movie, but more as a music video. stay posted on my userpage and soon to be revamped website for more info *

This is a trailer for my first non sprite made project *besides Meatwads christmas greating, but that, in my oppinion was sprite made*

After clock day i was really made. I was so pissed off i blamed so many subbisions i went up a lv from civilan to safety potroler! so i thought, what would happen if the animations you blam actually are like ghosts. if they die in a bad way, they may come back to haunt you. so here we have it. When Blammed ghosts come after you... WHO YOU GONNA CALL!

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What about Dam Busters?

The parody in the name seems to work better, plus it involves bouncing bombs.
Y'know, bombs are always cool.


where is it? i guess you did have a good reason to stop- loved MGS: Life Alarm


I dont realy understand the point of this but good idea, im trying to look around and see if its on newgrounds.... i hope so. I thought it was great and were is this damn MOVIE?!?!

Sonofgoku1 responds:

Good news, I'm actually going to start animating the movie next year, with my new characters instead of my old ones!

Keep an eye out for it in 2007!


haha very original, and is this KJ?

Sonofgoku1 responds:

Yea it's me. ^_^

Holly Shit!

I hope my first submison gets past these Guys!