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Reviews for "Blam Busters Trailer"


I blammed it.

Sonofgoku1 responds:

whatever... thanks for the review anyway...


It's kinda short movie, but I liked it! I give for this 3

Sonofgoku1 responds:

thanks for the review

it's a trailer, not the movie.
the movie comes out next year. ^_^

Not really looking forward to this

To be honest, It's one of those ideas that should have just stayed in your head!

Sonofgoku1 responds:

thanks for the review, but unless you try to make an idea into a flash, you have no room to talk!

I don't know, this seems to be a blammer!!!

I want to see this in 2006, so I won't try to blam you myself... anymore. What could this be that'll stop noob animators that waste our oh so valuable time? I think there will be nothing, even though it's 4:33am and I am so tired but I still don't believe you ahve anything to stop them

Sonofgoku1 responds:

thanks for the review. :P


Does anyone else see the irony in this animation?

Sonofgoku1 responds:

*rolls eyes*

whatever, but thanks for the review.