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the 3rd version of my rikku dressup series:
I've added 4 new costumes and changed the lay out so it is esier to navigate


its alright

Here's a great entry that works well because there is so much to it. The graphics aren't that impressive, but it really is a fun and somewhat entertaining in itself. I think it might be because you didn't try to make it too fancy or anything, just portray it as how it's supposed to be. Another dress-up game allthough i admit this one was ok it was kind of interesting, i like the fact that you had some backrounds and alot of assorted items, one thing that bothered me here was that the "BUTTONS" were kind of small like the backround buttons, There was some "SLOPPY" effort like how the items were placed, you should have the items and clothing sectioned off, but other then that this was an alright dress-up game. so It seems like you really went out of your way to make some of this more complicated then it was, yet it was also pretty simple, wich is one reason why i have come to enjoy this as i know others will also enjoy this.

Buttons can be larger so you can click and view them closer and better, the items can be larger aswell some of them seemed too small, So I will start off here with suggesting some sorta more random items, some animated ones, and stuff you might not normally see, maybe its funny, or even bazzar but something differant, and on another note you also want to add a bunch of items not just a few.

Setup was difficult.

Nice game. I get why there's no nudity, but it would really attract a large crowd to your games. Just sayin'. C:

Also, I like HeadSkim's idea of premade costumes, mostly because there's a lot of pieces to certain costumes that I had a hard time finding. (Mostly for the beserker costume. D: )

The easter egg made me chortle.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Not so bad. There were a lot of different items, and the art was pretty good. Lots of different costumes to play with and some good music to listen to while you are playing.

^^Needs Improving^^
I really didn't think it was a great picture of Rikku. Honestly didn't even look like her that much to me. Also, the music was a cool song, but I think it was pretty low quality. Also, I don't see why you don't have the nudity. I'm sure it would attract more people than without it.

Nice game!

Nice dress up! Its nice to see someone to amek a dress up that doesn't succumb to making it into a porno. And despite this being version 3, I still have some suggestions for it. (despite the fact that you submitted this a long time ago and probably have no plans to remake it)

Anyway, what I was going to say is you should put in buttons that will automatically dress Rikku up in a premade costume. (Like normal, Yuna, Paine, nurse, etc.) If this is already in the game, and I missed it. Oops.

More like umm dull than fun

this is a fun game, but, you need to have diffrent hairstyles and diffrent music that is all.

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2.75 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2005
6:42 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up