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Lizard Sphere X 2

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Author Comments

I felt like doing something funny this month so I decided to do a sequel to Lizard Sphere X. Enjoy.



Crappy shit ! I give 0 for this Damn shit.. i hope the whole DBZ stuff will be blammed.. DBZ suck

it was okay

it was alright it could have been better.

is this ur way

of saying dbz is crap ? if it is i h8 u

god loves all his children

Except you. Well finally somthing more than "Hahahahahahah lol omg wtgf!!!!!111!111111" This was a bad parody of an allready bad series. Wow so you changed the name by one character to avoid copyright infringment on all characters! Whoopty-fucking-doo. Also what made it worse was that fulp slept throught 5 secound fucking flash then put it on the front page. I liked the first one. This flash series, in the lyrics of my chemical romance, and never again, and never again, they gave us two shots to the back of the head, and noooowww weeee'rrreee deeeeaaaaddd. So if I could hear the fucking words you were saying mabey, oh just mabey... oh who gives a shit. You wont even read this. 28 days.... 6 hours..... 42 minutes..... 12 secounds.... that is when this flash will get blammed. Haha. Donny Darko quote. Anyways please, if you do read this you are idiot who has nothing better to do then to kill an already dead series. Move to something more realistic. Make fun of somthing else. Or be original... like Project DCK. In my leave I leave you with a quote from Klunk Project DCK. " Well... I'll see you in hell then.'

I couldn't sit through it.


I have to say that the artwork wasn't horrible, for what little I have seen, but I didn't like any of the name spoofs aside of 'Makin Puu'.

I'm sure that this would have been something more humorous and violent than what 15 seconds that I could barely tolerate, which was only part of that "Last time on-blahblahblah", but as I said, I couldn't sit through the whole horrible introductory narration, just to see the rest of the flash.

I gave this a blam. I overall it 0. I will never watch anything Dragonball-related again.

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Credits & Info

4.11 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2005
9:43 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody