Reviews for "Lizard Sphere X 2"

keep 'em coming

people love these and theres plenty of other villans to use as well

and kudos on taking the piss on everything thats awesome about DBZ

more pleaz

man if your making a sequal then boku and pherieja (frieza)must smell like 4000000000000000000000 years ago antique briefs because they didn't bath for 50+ episodes and for people, compete with the lizard sphere aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x to see how much you can hold your breath

I like Piccolo's funny face

If there was another "Lizard Sphere X" they should do one with Frieza. I mean they should do one with Frieza going through his silly transformations, like they did with (Boku) and (Jell). If they did one with Frieza they should make his fourth form look like the lizard from the Geico comercials. I don't know, that was just an idea. Well I hope to see another explosive episode of "Lizard Sphere errrraherrrraherrreX"!

hahaha this takes me back....

dude! it took you over 5 years but im glad to finally see a sequel!

I shit myself laughing at these two episodes!

I love how you point out everything in DBZ and make it halarious. The names were really funny too! Pickaho, Skunks,Makin-Puu. Kick-ass. Please make another one. Maybe one with Brolly?