Reviews for "Lizard Sphere X 2"


That was hilarious!

"Will Makin Puu blow the Earth to smitharines?"
"Will Bokunks stop screaming like a bitch?"

lol Great job. looking forward to another episode.


the best thing to happen to dragon ball z since fusion!! fav quote

"Last time on Lizard Sphrer X Boku and Prickalo got their asses kicked for 19 whole episodes by MAKIN POO!!!"

exactly what happens on the show all the time. rox mee sox!

friggin' funny

man, that was nice, but you should call Piccolo "Prickolo", and Majin Buu being "Makin Poo" that was nice, and Goten being "Boken", and Trunks being "Skunks", too good. I liked the Bokuns fusion, hilarious. specially at the end, "Will Bokunks stop screaming like a bitch..."


I like it, the first was good, but this was better ;)

lmao nice

it's true, when they use energy blasts they start screaming like little bitches. xD now i'm not the only one who thinks that, yay! :D