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Mutilation Contrainte

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update 09.09.05 : better version of da song !

I've past a long time on this swf and I hope you'll like it. This is my 1st real work accomplished on flash, and in fact the project is the music-video of a band of friends...

ksssss, forgive my fOkin' english !

I'd like to thank all of you for your reviews, they are so funny I love it, thank a lot !

I'd like to add that this swf seems to had chocked someof the viewers, so please, you're warned, it's written : "Excessive Violence".

Here is the link for the lyrics :


Please warning, some of the lyrics are violent.

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Dude...this is just fucked up


I see most reviewers got this as insanity or overall disturbia. It's not my particular reading, but It's definitely not impossible.

We're talking about a teenager with perfect mom and dad who's room, clothes and stuff is very girly decorated, but seeing past the graphic violence this movie has a lot of sexual tension - all you have to pay attention is the the naked bodies, the licking tongues, all the bloodletting and rubbing... I don't want to sound like a perv and I'm not talking about sex action, I'm talking about sex identity.

Being a teen sucks badly by itself and most families only make the experience even worse. The fact that you're ready to start a sex life (and you usually want to do so) doesn't make it a lot easier also.

To me this girl was in her room all the time, dressed - just as her mother found her when she was taking the tea to her room. The wholeaction was inside her head: The violence against still being a child, the hate for herself and her dilemmas, the way you don't know how to react, the desire to escape at any cost: Who has never felt them?

In my mind I've stabbed a LOT of people. Myself included.

My point is, this girl is not some demented psycho - she's just normal girl, but she's seeing the darkest recesses of her mind. Check your own "chest of secrets" for a while and tell me if what you find there is a lot better than this.

Mine is worse.


You have captured the darkness in this so nicely. I have seen the dark too. This is like the story of my life. I've made trough from cutting and self mutilation. And the dark days are over for me. Beautiful. And sorry btw for my bad english. It's not my mother tongue. :)


This is so adorably psychotic and deliciously twisted...


You sir, have captured crazy emotions, but also shattered the image of innocence XD!

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3.99 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2005
9:04 PM EDT