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MGS4: Operation Clockday

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Author Comments

Dr Pepper Lock: Well this guy came to me and well one thing led to another leading to me having a contract with the mafia and the only way to pay off the debt was to make this so enjoy.

Fafara: Happy Clockday 05 the best one yet!

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um, ok

that was a little weird, not bad, but weird.

Somewhere, a Dr. Pepper rep is crying.

Not a terrible flash, and certainly more interesting than anything I could conjure (as my criticism is nothing without the art which is criticised), but not without its flaws either - incredibly short, muffled voice processing, and sketchy graphics kinda make this one a pass or go.

I will say the cameo by Strawberry Clock was welcomed with open arms.

so that's what Metal gear was designed for..

Wow my favortie flash group making one of my favortie games good combo


That was very good and very funny. I would have said this was short but the ending made me change my mind. So the graphics were good so 7 on that. I truly like your style so 10 on that. The sound was very very good so 10 on that. Hardly any violence but just this tiny bit so that earned you a 3. The humor was very funny it made me haha about 7 times. An overall score of 7 because it seems that you put a lot of effort into to this and for that i must congratulate you! I guess it would be a good idea if you were to make a second one since this one was very very good. So what do you think?



Everybody Dance Now! dodododododododododododo Everybody dance now! That was awsome!