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Reviews for "MGS4: Operation Clockday"

liked it

what's the name of the music at the end?

Fabrcated-Lunacy responds:

Everybody dance now.

Heh heh

I see this flash was uploaded on Clock Day. The graphics in this flash were good. Metal Gear Party was where the graphics looked good. The sound, speakonia, Metal Gear Solid music and that party song. Not sure about the name. Anyway, quite a short flash, but I can see why since it was uploaded on Clock Day. XD Metal Gear at the end was funny.


Not too bad, not too good either.

No offence, not that i can make a flash toon, but this want too good as your other MGS-related toons. Keep up this effort, going to do one based on MGS2?

Not bad

I thought it was really cool for Clock Day. It was detailed and it ran quite smoothly. Great job to the both of you!

((( HEH )))

Good clock day animation, i like the way you have set it up, and the end was a bit funny it made me chuckle a bit, and the music sounded pretty good. The detail in the animations were good, and i like how you have drawn the clocks, it was a good flash for clock day...