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Asteroid Field (Beta)

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I've tryed alot of flash but this is my first game. I got alot of help from the actionscript tutorials (thanks). But this IS all my work, It wasn't all just copy paste.I worked really hard and am going to try to fix the rest of the bugs if this does well.Hope you like it.


based on what i read good work

sorry i couldnt play it my computer wouldnt load it after what i read i still think its good!!!!

Good, but

I think you might have a glitch, when you die, you can still shoot even though your ship isn't there

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i liked the game, but can u tell me how you did that cool 3...2...1... thing? i loved that!

Not bad for a first try

You have lots of potential. Keep working on it, there are bugs such as the space ship disappearing.

A bit glitchy

As you said, it was a little bit glitchy, because as I sit here writing this review, my score is increasing 1 million every 2-3 seconds, and I have no idea why, but it makes me feel good.

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Credits & Info

2.48 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2005
11:12 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid