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Strange Fruit

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Based on the song Strange Fruit.

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Very strong

While not your best work, this was still very impressive because of how powerful you set yourself up. Everything seems rather mundane at first and it can be hard to tell what's going on. I have heard the song "Strange Fruit" but do not remember it well. I realize that the scene is that of a black man being lynched like they did in the old days. It kind of makes you realize how the old days were anything but good. The best part was the color effects.

There weren't that many colors used at first, so when you saw that flower at the end, you were really interested. I thought it was just going to be a song about crows or something. It makes you realize the horrors of what we have done as a nation and can still be proud of how far we have come since then. The brightness is just fine.


the over version is more moving


I love big band music... It's awesome paired with this animation...

Lovely, strong, gave me the goosebumps.

With such a eerie atmosphere, a brilliant song and a relevent theme, this movie is a must-watch. (Stop watching mainstream crap like "comedy" on newgrounds guys. Take time to soak in arty and poignant submissions like this).

You all should check out the other take of this song (using Nina Simone's rendition). Just search strange fruit and click the one with the parenthesis ( " )


this has to be one of the most mature and tasteful submissions on newgrounds. amazing choice in music, this is a flash eveyone should watch.