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Salad Fingers Episode 6

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I'm sure many people though we'd abandoned the series but it was just resting it's legs. I hope you find this episode to be rather warm.

www.fat-pie.com (you don't want to know what happens if you forget the "-" between fat and pie)

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...uh-huh...may i just say, what the fu-

also, C R O N C H

Still one of my favourite Flash cartoons ever. In my opinion, this is where the Salad Fingers series hit just the right balance of weirdly amusing and genuinely scary that it kept for the next few episodes. The style is definitely odd, but it holds up today as visually interesting and cleverly executed, rather than the flash in the pan of Invader Zim-era "weirdness-for-weirdness's sake" that some people accused this series of being at the time. Not that there isn't a bit of that going on, of course!

Listen carefully to what Salad Fingers has to say to the toilet... when I realised what was happening once upon a time, it solidified this as one of those Flash movies I get excited about. (He's speaking as Jeremy Fisher, in response to the things the other Salad Fingers says in the next scene!)

Glad to see this is still popular. The most memorable part was the ending. It's mostly because of how weird it is. It's weird even by the standards of this series. It features Salad Fingers getting his head eaten by a clone. Or was that the clone?

It makes as much sense as anything else. I notice that this is the first time he talked in a different voice when speaking through his puppets. That's a sign of insanity. I like that horse. I'm a brony, BTW.

Binge watching this right now

Probably my favourite Salad Fingers. Does anyone know what music is playing when Salad Fingers is talking to the toilet, and again when he walks in on himself?