Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 6"


It finally came out! im so happy I COULD USE CAPS!

One question, was their REALLY to salad fingers' or was one one of his imaginary thoughts?


Your twisted dude, and thats why newgrounds loves your creations. Good work. Seriously think of joining LGF(lion gate films) one day, they need someone twisted like you :).

Another Firth Masterpiece

Ah, David, you continue to again and again shock, awe, and scare the general philistine populace with your arcane artistry. This newest installment is no less genius than all of your previous work, and your next piece will no doubt be as good or more so. Thank you so much for bestowing the gifts of a talented flash artist on us all!

very good job

i love your series they are all very good but this one is kinda hard to understand. keep up the great work


good old salad fingers... how i missed him.