SSB0: Mario vs. Ness

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I got this idea a while back when doing a Photoshop Image, and I thought I would bring it to fruition, in a Flash Animation.

This is Super Smash Bros. Zero, your favorite Nintendo characters battling it out in a 2-D brawl for all! This match is Mario vs. Ness in a Stock match with 1 life, and weapons on Low.

It runs at 24 fps, so the animation is very smooth and the action is fast paced. Hope you enjoy.


ness is much better

the best part was when ness put mario the bubble and crushed him. you should make more like Link vs Falco


Now I know why your thing says "Cool" Entertainment.


Ok it was..well..OK..better then i can do lol

but the best part was the ending..just was..i mean the credits..so random


It was pretty good, especially the end with Ness's finisher.

Nice work

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this little flash. There are a couple of minor imperfections that I'll get to later, but on the most part, this was excellent. The thing that helped this fall together the most was probably your sprite work, which, throughout the movie, was almost flawless. The motion of the characters flowed perfectly. The only complaint I have about the sprite work itself is a couple of minor details regarding the block pacement. I know I'm being picky, but the gap in the middle of the battle arena had a half of a block on either side. It would have been better to place it between blocks, like in the game, but again, it's just a minor detail. Another little flaw were the upper blocks on the right side of the screen (the ones that the characters could hit from below). If you look closely, there is a tiny gap between blocks, that periodically switches which pair of blocks it sits between throughout the course of your flash. I noticed that you used a combination of 8- and 16-bit sprites for this animation (16-bit characters on an 8-bit background), a rather interesting, but good, choice in my opinion. You could have used the 16-bit graphics for Super Mario Bros. from Super Mario All-Stars, but, for a Super Smash Bros. game, the 8-bit background seems more like something the actual developers would have chosen for the game (in both 64 and Melee, the Super Mario levels stayed fairly true to the original version of the classic, after all). Which brings me to your style: you did a superb job of creating a 16-bit version of Super Smash Brothers. One of the best things was your excellent reproduction of that unusual jump Ness has in the games, but I also liked the charred look you gave him after the encounter with the fireflower (and likewise with Mario after he was hit with PK Fire). His attacks were, on the most part, good-looking. PK Fire looked nice, PK Thunder and PSI Shield looked excellent. Unfortunately, I wasn't so impressed with the Baseball Bat and YoYo he was equipped with, but if I remember correctly, EarthBound didn't give a decent sprite of either at any point in the game, so I'm not going to take off any points for it. I'm not even going to ask about the mushroom, but perhaps the Government of the Mushroom Kingdom needs to place some restrictions on what kinds of Mushrooms can legally be placed in a "?" Block. The sound quality could have been much better in places (particularly the voice of Ness), but it didn't hurt the submission too badly. Nice selection of varied, stylized violence throughout, the ending in which Ness wins was pretty funny, as well. Although the blood looked a little out of place in my opinion, I suppose it was somewhat necessary to get the point across that he was crushed in that bubble. I liked how you gave the viewer the ability to select two different endings, and the credits were pretty funny. Easily the best credits I've seen on any flash. Nice use of the Star Wars end credits. You gave a pretty long list without relying on that overused joke that involves a list of different things that went into the flash, with the name of the same person next to each one. "And Kenny Baker as R2-D2" was funny, considering that R2-D2 doesn't appear in the animation at any point (unless I'm overlooking some Easter Egg somewhere), and again, thanks, for not overusing that joke, by giving a huge list of characters not seen in the movie. "No Special Thanks To" was also pretty funny, I understand where you're coming from with the mouse thing ;) Overall, great work, you should be proud.

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Jun 30, 2005
10:21 AM EDT
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