Reviews for "SSB0: Mario vs. Ness"

it was random.........I LIKE IT!

What Ness did to mario...........i wish u could do that in the real game..............and I liked the random events

Not to Bad

I thought the sprite animation was excellent but there was some work to be done with the flash stuff (ness's Pk thunder looked terrible). Overrall wasn't bad and i thought it was amusing.

This sprite fight's a might trite.

Graphics: Sprites. Lines appeared between some of the blocks during scrolling. Protip: make the bricks a pixel wider then they need to be, and overlap them so this doesn't happen. At least Ness moved in a side-view manner. Objects didn't seem to react to physics and gravity in a uniform manner, which is a common issue with sprite movies. Animation usually made sense, but many of the attacks were done without flair. Mario's mushroom trip was okay. Hope you're ready for a huge pretentious logo screen and a five minute long closing credits scene! :D Because, oh look, here comes one of each before you can play the damn thing again and click on the other guy!

Style: Painfully bad attempt at being bad-ass. No, wait, that's the artist's hurricane logo. "Heer cums a huwwicane!" The style of the actual Sprite movie is fairly low-key and kinda booring. Next time, try mixing it up a little with camera movement and such. Also, it would make more sense if Mario matched his background in terms of color depth. You don't have to match the color palletes of the sprites from different games, or anything, but at least picks sprites that are as consistant as possible. In this case, Mario world graphics would have been better. Check out some of FrOzEn_FoX 's shit. Now there's a guy who knows how to make a classy sprite movie!

Sound: As with graphics, sounds were a mishmash from various games in both series.

Violence: Every punch was dull and lifeless, until suddenly Ness's totally unecessary gory final attack. The author should have done what Smash Bros does, and made every hit SEEM brutal without the need for pointless blood. Things like camera zoom, flashes of light, and realistic buncing and impacts go a HUGE way towards implying violent, agressive impacts.

Interactivity: movie.

Humor: I understood that there were jokes. I didn't laugh, but I understood that they were there.

Overall: Slightly below average, for a mortal combat sprite movie. It didn't impress me, it didn't thrill me, and it didn't make me smile inside. It's just a bunch of stuff that happened. Try again, Elaborate Hurricane Intro Industries Incorporated Limited Studio, or whatever you call yourself. Seriously, take a look at what FrOzEn_FoX has done with sprites. You could learn a lot from him about style and storytelling.

good SSB

pretty good fight, I still think mario owns. anyway I hope you make more of these fights, i like them. cool flash vid

*looks blank at screen*

i think that went well. it would be nice if mario actually finished ness of with a wicked combo tho, course thats my opioion.