Reviews for "SSB0: Mario vs. Ness"

Nice Job

At first i thought.. oh no its another mario vs ness ... but then its actually
different from others. Its Super Smash Style!! I like how you can chose who wins in this one. I was gonna give it a 3 in violence....Until I saw the Ness ending.. WOW! You can Make this flash better by making it longer. People want to see Ness and Mario bleed.


this really sucks but its nice!

i Woulda wrather just watched a clip from the game

Not very exciting or any good moves present. Not bad animation and it was smooth but kinda weak.

Very Good

I liked it, especially the viewer decision at the end. I don't play video games, so I don't know how true this is to Mario tradition.


It was ok... I wanted more action though...