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[ ARROWS: Move | Z: Fire | X: Bomb | ENTER: Pause ]

"Raiden" is a japanese word which means "Fighting Thunder." This is a remake of the Raiden IIS series. Cheats @ www.raidar.co.nr.

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I miss the gold old days

One of the truly great classics of newgrounds.

Yeah... I came back just today after 8 years. I used to be really good in the past, so I thought "Hey, let's play on hard, should be fairly easy to get through the game." Ehh... Yeah, no. Not easy at all... But it's as good as I remembered. I'll probably spend a lot of time, trying to master the game yet again.

old memory

It has been quite a while since I first discovered this game.
Back in 2005 my mind was blown by the fact that I could play such a well made and entertaining game for free. In addition to this I have always been a big fan of vertical shooters so I instantly fell in love with RaidenX.

If you take a look at the good games coming out today RaidenX has aged quite a lot. It has not aged badly but at the same time you can see that more recent games have pushed the boundarys of what flash games can do a lot further then RaidenX could have ever done back then.
I still remember how this game held the first place on the NG front page for more then a year I think - And rightfully so.

For a long time I regulary voted 5 on RaidenX to keep it at the first place, then to keep it in the top ten and so on, mostly just for nostalgic reasons. Even tough today this would not even be possible because you can only vote on a submission once I could not have stopped this game from slowly falling into portal history.

So what can I say about this game today other then my own experience with it?
I still love the music and the sounds used despite it's low quality.
I do still enjoy the gameplay, the three different jets and how differently they actually play - I still remember back then I thought the purple one was op even though the blue one was the most useful at higher difficulties.
I like the loading screens - And well today the game loads so fast there should be no need for a screen like that. Back then it was just a cool loading screen.

The gist of it probably is: The game still is good. If you like vertical shooters you will most likely enjoy RaidenX.
You can find more state-of-the-art games, vertical shooter for that matter as well.

So why do I write such a lengthy review about a game that can be considered a relic of the past?
Consider it a love-letter to the first big crush.
Objectively there may be better games today, there may be other flash games I enjoy as well - But there can only be one first love.

And that game for me is RaidenX, it was the reason why I regulary visited Newgrounds back then and without it I may have never developed an interest in Flash or Newgrounds at all. It foreshadowed what amateur developers could create in flash, the possibilities seemed so endless back then.

So for me it was clear which game I wanted to vote on to reach the Level 60 milestone on Newgrounds.
For the last time I voted 5/5 and finally did a review hopefully honouring RaidenX and Go0gley as it is deserved 10/10.

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4.70 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2005
8:31 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight
  • Frontpaged June 24, 2005
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