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Mario: Benny Hill Style

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When Luigi and Wario decide to ruin Mario's date with Princess Peach, Mario gets angry and the chase is on.

Note: There's a hidden Easter Egg in this flash. Can you find it?

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Wow, this was a lot better than I thought. I mean, the Benny Hill theme has been done to death. People are still coming up with new stuff with it! Anyway, this was fun with the great sprite animation. I don't know why Luigi would team up with Wario. I just love how fluid this is.

I love Bowser in this. The last part doesn't make sense, but is really funny. I just love seeing all this stuff pop up. The random Mario themes are always cool. You can do a lot with them.

LMAO! This is absolutely hilarious!

This is till funny even today! :D

Sweet mother of God, this video is funny. You truly hit the jackpot with this hilarious Mario movie. #BennyHillFunny