Reviews for "Mario: Benny Hill Style"


I have not seen such over the top satire! Great job!

Great movie!

That's it!! A very nice movie, keep it up!!

Weird But Funny

Interesting flash. It had some funny parts in it. Good use of the sprites and music, gave it that little touch to make it better. Overall this was a Entertaining flash, though it was short it was good.

don't you beleve it lol i love that

good work i am a mario flash movie fan i rreally enjoied it keep it up don't mind my spellin

Even the late Benny Hill would enjoy this!

Funny stuff! Brings back loads of memories of the old Benny Hill shows! Why not do another with Peach and Daisy as "Mario's Angels" and more goofy happenings with the Mushroom Kingdom. Even use Toad in place of the little old guy too!