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Valhalla Knights

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Sup! I've been working on this a long time, even before "The real Legend 2" I hope u like the results, this is an accion romance and drama serie.
For all those Mythology students, please, this isnt based in real mythology, I just took the concept k? hehe.
BTW you can visit my new site now i hope u like it.
Artwork and DL's seccion aer complete!, enjoy and more pics and stuff will be comming. " have faith in me, i wont let you down" Tupac. hehe peace

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Wish there was more after this one. The build up of this was a great starter.

God damn it's been 15 YEARS since I've watched this! I had completely forgotten this website exists and for some reason I still remembered my email and password lol. Thanks for all the fantastic memories! This brought me back to my highschool days!

Much love, keep doing what you do! <3

omg! its been 12 years! 12 years!! ive been looking for this and its creator! they changed the name! and i thought, "wasnt this the guy who made those great zelda animations?" and i thought i HAD to be wrong because the name didnt match. FINALLY! my past self is put to ease now. Thank you for making this and thank you for all the inspiration your animations have provided me!

Granfaloon responds:

You're most welcome, and thank you for the kind comments! Follow me on my social media to keep track of my stuff! https://www.instagram.com/jerry.ilustrador/

So, I liked the little I saw of this, but I found that I'm not a big fan of the writing or the voice acting. It's in English, but the person speaking clearly doesn't understand the language. On top of that, the back story is rather generic.
Half star bonus for that awesome beginning scene.

Awsome piece here

I am really greatfull that the portal can bring good quality even with lots of silly-ness throughoutm so its always nice to see stuff like this one, this here is some good quality and some fun entertainment so props to you on this movie entry. You have really gone beyond the direction and talent of a normal creator you bring all elements, the sound was not so bad, the character and animation was really good, and I love the story theme here. So Overall My Prospective on this is that it is something differant and nifty. and I Endorse this fully with a pleasent insight as it was kinda neat, You built Momentum around it and Enhanced it with some positives, I hope you Produce more Visionary styles like this Now ofcourse there was a few instances that could be better but besides that I enjoyed it.

Improvments yeah this is that area where I suggest some helpful tips thats ofcourse if I have found any, but there is always room for improvment in all stuff right? Anyways the onlything I found here would to be is make the "FONT-SIZE" of the subtitles a but larger they were very small and hard to read as fast as it was going.