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Power Star

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HOHO thanky ou sooo much tom you have no idea how much this is important to me!! Im happy you have all enjoyed it, I spent quite some time. thanks you soo much users for voting.
Please visit my site at http://www.gkafusion.tk
A new adventure takes place in Mario world as Mario is possesed and under the control of a group of Boos. Under their order, Mario is to go around and collect all the power stars and to destroy all who stands in his way.
This is my best work yet and I am sure that you will love it. Please vote fairly. If you have an old computer, then set the quality to low.

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Childhood memories.

Oh man my childhood is coming back to meeeeeeee

I remember watching these in like 2009 and was still late to the party. I was simply too young to discover and enjoy NG that far back. Good animations, voice acting, and music.

I love Mario, but with the Boos possessing him, how are Peach and everyone going to help release Mario from the Boos?

very nostalgic and sitll cool to watch