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Reviews for "Power Star"


This is so awesome luigi got beaten the crap out of.

That video is creepy. Something you need to find out what happened to Mario

knife guy to the ****** rescue

First of all, for you people saying "this doesn't suit Mario," let me say you are all fucking stupid.

This is the entire POINT of a fan movie, to do stuff that wouldn't belong in the games. If you don't like blood and gore, that's fine, but disliking it just because "Mario is a kid's game" is just one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

But I digress. In regards to the movie, I do like how it was animated. It was very smooth, had very cartoony physics, with a lot of bounces and skewing and the like.

The custom sprites weren't the greatest but I can appreciate the skill it would have took to make them. I wasn't a big fan of Luigi's acting, it was hard to take seriously. Not enough emotion, in my opinion.

I wasn't a big fan of the sword scene. Looked kinda stupid in my opinion, the sprites could hvae been animated better to fit with the sword-fighting more.

Overall a good Flash. Certainly not perfect but it's better than a lot of animations I see nowadays.

The flash also lagged quite a lot for me, which is probably due to my shitty computer.