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Easy Chess

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Fast-loading, fun chess game. So easy that even its author can sometimes beat it. No preloader because, hey, it's only 73k.
Patch #1: Now with correct rules for castling and en passant, and suggested improvements to the AI.
Patch #2: Fixed "replay of player pawn promotion" bug, added a "total moves" figure to the win / lose / stalemate end-screens.

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Stopped playing chess quite a while ago and stumbling upon this simple game makes me want to pick it up again. Thanks!

Well, the engine tried the scotch game, and blundered his queen. 10/10.

Ran pretty good and was a solid chess game really good programming made this challenging excellent

Pretty good engine. I play a lot of recreational chess but I also enjoy learning theory on it and I study it pretty seriously too. To give you an idea of my rating and the player pool i am in; on Lichess i have about a 1050 (give or take a little) classical rating and i can beat stockfish level 3 with a fair amount of thinking. Anyway I beat this engine pretty easily but it still required some thought each move. It was by no means an effortless win. I would rate this engine at a very good skill-level for the occasional chess player to be able to enjoy playing against and even win a few games. Good job on this one i will add it to my favorites. Although i do not like the Game record. it should record in the standard algebraic notation. None the less i still enjoyed it. 4.5 man. p.s. I really like how the pieces are drawn too lol they are cool.

Hey, an engine rated around my skill level! But I can still just barely beat it.