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Fast-loading, fun chess game. So easy that even its author can sometimes beat it. No preloader because, hey, it's only 73k.
Patch #1: Now with correct rules for castling and en passant, and suggested improvements to the AI.
Patch #2: Fixed "replay of player pawn promotion" bug, added a "total moves" figure to the win / lose / stalemate end-screens.

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Hey, an engine rated around my skill level! But I can still just barely beat it.

I like the AI. If there is 'one difficulty setting' it needs to be challenging enough for the average person without being brutal and allowing for a lower level player to win without being discouraged and giving up. The only thing I would change is multiple difficulty settings, and maybe some flashier graphics, if that is your thing.

To the critics (yes, I know the post was from 2014) : Retarded chess? This is fine, for a game with one setting. I can easily beat the AI; however, just because you can beat the AI doesn't mean that everyone else has your preference, and calling it 'retarded chess' just because you can beat it without effort does not mean everyone else can, and it is a testament to your own douchebaggery, not the creator of the game. You can beat the AI? So what? Can you write your own AI that will outperform this one? Maybe the creator will improve on the AI, then again, if the only audience he is going to cater to is a small handful of overly critical douche canoes, he might say why bother?

"I won in 11 moves."
"I won in 7 moves."

I lost in 96 moves.

It's not as terrible as you made it sound, but it's bad, really bad. The best I could do was checkmate in seven, it falls for very simple tricks. But it's cute. Can't do en passant though.

very easy game i won in 11 moves

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3.74 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2005
12:05 AM EDT
Strategy - Other