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Fast-loading, fun chess game. So easy that even its author can sometimes beat it. No preloader because, hey, it's only 73k.
Patch #1: Now with correct rules for castling and en passant, and suggested improvements to the AI.
Patch #2: Fixed "replay of player pawn promotion" bug, added a "total moves" figure to the win / lose / stalemate end-screens.


"I won in 11 moves."
"I won in 7 moves."

I lost in 96 moves.

It's not as terrible as you made it sound, but it's bad, really bad. The best I could do was checkmate in seven, it falls for very simple tricks. But it's cute. Can't do en passant though.

very easy game i won in 11 moves

Wow I'm really dumb, I only beat "Easy" Chess once. I'm brain-dead or something. Nice build I can't get enough, few find this easy I would be crushed by the one who gave two and half stars. I must give this the highest rating only because it's chess and I like chess. Wow!!!

W (me): E2->E4
B: B7->B6
W: G1->F3
B: D7->D5
W: E4->D5(take pawn)
B: D8->D5(take pawn)
W: B1->C3
B: D5->E6
W: D1->E2
B: E6->E3
yeah. Guess the next move.
W (me): D2->E3(take queen)

EASY chess? No no no, you sell yourself short there. Call it RETARDED CHESS. Honestly, why did you even bother? Well at least it doesn't have the sort of bugs where illegal moves are performed or even worse, forced. Here, have 2.5 pity stars for that.

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4.13 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2005
12:05 AM EDT
Strategy - Other