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DK Mine Madness

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Press up arrow or space to jump. Try to get as far as you can. Enjoy and Review!

Just something I made while learning actionscript. I used DK sprites because I suck at artwork and drawing. Otherwise it would have just been squares and rectangles to represent the characters and backgrounds. That wouldn't go well in the portal would it?

I added a high score board so you can see what scores other people get. Don't forget to submit your score! (I lost my hosting for my website, so the highscores don't work any more)

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Wow. for being over 10 years old this is still really fun. I really enjoy it and its a nice challenge. Its fun! that's all that really to say.

Even though for something made 8 years ago this is good.

The graphics still look good now and its still a fun game.

This has lots of potential and has aged well.

Could use slight improvement. Anyway Good game.

Nice remake.

This was a swell remake of the infamous mine kart stages from Donkey Kong Country,i used to think those we're so hard but after a while they became quite fun,as for this it was just as difficult as back then with the originals but i grown to like it though the framerate wasn't as smooth as i liked it took some time to get used to it but still all in all i enjoyed this game much.

DrJam responds:

The framerate isn't smooth because it's just a lot of quick motion tweens of the track moving across the screen. Basically almost no actionscript. Thanks for reviewing.


Just like playing on SNES. It was fast, but it's fun. You did a great job. Keep it up.

DrJam responds:


Hairy Greased Up Buff Chest Coal Digger

Like, whats not to like? =P
OMG If only that cart was big enough for the both of us, we could just totally jump around in that all day! Pshyeah!
(And omg if only that coal digger was Scotty Vanity, I could just faint right now!)
- XXXXXXXX (call me)