Making Flash History

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Update. I have started work on the classic version with 20 of the best classic flash's but I would like to know what other people think as well as me so that I can not do this movie with bias. Please e-mail your thoughts to me on stephen_clark_uk@btinter

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you idiot

Bitey of Brackenwood isnt the yellow blob!! The devil/goat thingy is! lol, cant you see its not jumping up and down on his head? Bitey bloody uses him as a football! And besides: who needs someone to tell them what movies to see? its useless i tell ya! useless!!

Very nizice

I can tell u got love 4 very good flashes, I will take ur recommendations. If u don't know wat flashes 2 watch I deffinately recomend this 1 it'll help u choice! Keep Up the good work! ^_^


let me list some things you forgot

R.A.B ot my knowledge every episode has made the front page and gottten over a million views

Neroticly your series: yes foamy is annoying but you cant ignore the huge cult that follows it

all your base: do i really need to remind anyone of the hug hit it was

Salad Fingers: same as above

i dont see how youcan rank alien hominid so low, not many sumbitions make it to the gaming world

i agree with everyone saying this is a list of YOUR personal favorites and not an actual classiac collection

This list is... off

The idea of talking about Flash history is a little odd. You don't go far back in your list very often, and it seems more like you're talking about your personal top 20 rather than, for instance, the most influential flashes of all time.

Some of the things that arent on there astonish me. Salad Fingers, and anything David Firth has been creating a big ruckus. All Your Base was quite possibly the biggest flash fad of all time, especially since you're counting KNOX, which is claymation. You also dont include any of the extremely random humor flashes (Arfenhouse, Yatta, etc.) which have a huge cult following of their own.


Dad's Home should be # 1
You left a lot out.

-Links quest for ass
-Xaio Xaio
-RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES(How the hell did you miss that)
-The Battlefeild
and much more

And what the fuck do you mean classic flashes, all the ones you chose are pretty new
How about
-care bear countdown
-Die in Style

I've never even heard of the one in first place. And how the hell did numa numa not make it. So many people hate it but so many people love it. You really nead to do survey or something.

scubakidd responds:

about Numa Numa, i did

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Mar 8, 2005
4:27 PM EST
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