Homestar Runner Pong

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Yay! It's finaly here! Homestar Pong, who doesn't love pong? Now with extra Homestar Runner!
Well anyways, you may have seen the first version of the game...one level hand drawn, only multiplayer and one annoying song. Well now, there are 14 single player levels, 5 songs and still a multiplayer mode. Oh, and can't forget credits who doesnt love credits.
I also have asked the assistance of the maker of alien vs. predator pong. You should give that a look also if you like this

Note: if you are a disliker of pong please dont vote just cause you hate pong, vote on how well put together it all is and enjoy!

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oh my fqwagads

I loved thsi game, I even beat it, but you should have "experimental film" as one of the songs.

I made it to level 5

then i lost and quit. Thanks for the game

Not enogh

Its an awesome game but if the bouncers were like the king of towns or strongsads stomach it would be beyond cool!

great pong game but

I happen to really like pong and this was a great pong game, but it just takes too long to get the next level. even early on, it feels like you are playing forever to beat a level. I got to level six without losing... it still took me far too long. 10 points a side is too many. also, you should consider having the songs automatically start all playing, and have a message on the starting screen about music options in the options menu

Very nice game!

I'm not a big fan of Pong, but this game was pretty awesome. xD I like how Homestar's head replaces the ball, and I like the background. Very nice job!

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3.28 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2005
10:19 PM EST
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